Sunday, January 25, 2015

7 Ways to Choose Your Long Distance Moving Company

7 Ways to Choose Your Long Distance Moving Company

Knowing what to expect in advance can save you money and time. Getting the information below to have your expenses covered in case of unavoidable situations.
  1. Make sure you get a referral from someone that was totally satisfied.
  2. Check moving company reviews online to see what others have to say.
  3. Choose the best 3 among your list.
  4. Make sure the company you choose is licensed and insured. They will be happy to show you their paper work without question if they have it.
  5. Make sure your movers are capable of moving special pieces such as a piano in advanced.
  6. Find out what the procedure is in the case of lost of broken items. A strong reliable moving company will be able to supply you with those answers and more.
  7. Find out the policy for extra hours, clean up, unexpected boxes or supplies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moving should be a time to celebrate positive change rather getting a larger home or downsizing to the perfect home. Choosing the perfect moving company is a great place to start. Helpful tips could save you time and money. Hopefully the information in Just In Time Blogspot can help you do both!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Best Long Distance Moving Company Advice

Sitting in your new home, unpacking your boxes after the whole family has confirmed that everything has made it safely is priceless. There is nothing like making a long distance move that was successful. From hiring the best long distance moving company to having all of your property and precious items delivered safely.
Of course if you want to experience such a smooth move you will have to do your research and make a strong plan first.

How to Choose The Best Long Distance Moving Company 

Before choosing your long distance company you have to be sure you and the company you choose are a good fit together. You will be surprised how reasonable a company can be if they make money on moving jobs coming back from your future home destination. For instance, If your long distance company can make money on the return trip this can prevent you from paying for their fuel on the trip back.