Monday, April 1, 2013

10 Steps To An Apartment Move Out


If you are moving it is important to go over what happens during a proper "Apartment Move Out" to prevent any extra charges or deductions in your security deposit.

It is best to get a list from your apartment management of what is expected from you when you move as well as the charges for uncleaned items such as oven and carpet. You may not have a fee for carpet after a certain amount of years of occupying the apartment.

10 Apartment Move Out Steps

  1. Finish your lease or find out how much it will cost to move early.
  2. Get list of moving responsibilities to assure full return of your security deposit.
  3. Alert landlord 30 to 60 days of your moving date.
  4. Secure new residence. Have move in date ready.
  5. Return walls to original color. Remove all nails and adhesives and repair any holes in wall.
  6. Thoroughly clean ceiling fan,bathroom,refrigerator (remove each shelf, clean every compartment with soapy water, stove/oven (oven cleaner) or microwave. (Microwave bowl of dish liquid in water for 3 minutes. Let stand for 10-15 minutes loosen the grime before wiping.)
  7. Mop all floors and vacuum all carpets (clean if necessary).
  8. Clean every room and appliance (inside and out) before you move out as proof of cleanliness. 
  9. Contact utility company to arrange cut off and cut on date.
  10. Address Change. Go online for an Official Change of Address Form or to your local post office to make address change.
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