Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving Doesn't Have To Be Scary! 10 Packing Tips When Moving

Packing For a Move doesn't have to be a fright show. It may be exciting to make a new move but preparing for the move can be confusing. Knowing what steps to take can make the experience more enjoyable.

 If you have ever moved before you know how chaotic and exhausting packing and transporting your belonging can be. But no worries "Just In Time Moving" has put together some simple steps to make this process easier.

10 Packing Tips When Moving

As you go down this list you will most likely see how much smooth and stress free you can make your moving project. I also suggest you number and label each book and record them in your notebook.

1. Collect boxes of all sizes months in advance.
2. Gather all essential packing supplies.
  • Note book/file- Logging moving/box information.
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • heavy duty Ziploc bags-Small items.
  • box cutter
  • markers/labels  (Open First, Open Last, Rooms, Fragile, etc)
  • bubble wrap- Cushion
  • newspaper- For wrapping and filling space.
  • blankets- For wrapping and cushion.
  • paper for fragile items
3. Create a moving file for all paperwork effected by your move. 
  • Moving company contract.
  • Utility cut off and on notices
  • New keys
  • Realtor/landlord information
  • Lease
4. Pack each persons personal items and important papers in book bag/small suitcase. Your moving file can go in yours leaving no packing mistakes.
5. Pack each room and label the room it is going to on each box. 
6. Pack heavy items such as books in small boxes. No need killing anyone's back.
7. Use certain box for hardware, remotes and extension cords. Its best to color code these boxes and keep where everyone can find it. Place individual items in heavy duty Ziploc bags and write where they came from on label before placing in appropriate boxes.
8. "Mark" box to open first with items used up to last minute that will be needed first at your new residence or hotel.
  • hygiene items (toothpaste, soap, wash cloth, comb etc)
  • toys,games
  • cereal
  • treats
  • medicine/hard candy
  • box cutter and other moving supplies
9. You are not done until every item is packed in boxes and accounted for.
10. Move all boxes to one location before your moving day. Clean and check each room for left items. You will be surprised how many people don't check the dishwasher or oven.

Packing and moving can be quiet and experience. Moving from an apartment? Check out 10 Steps To An Apartment Move Out.

We at Just In Time Moving in Kenilworth NJ can always give you free moving tips and for a fee provide you with packing supplies and storage.

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