Sunday, May 19, 2013

How To Pack Your Lamps Like a Pro

Packing lamps are pretty easy and fast with the right size box and wrapping paper. Just place some wrapping paper flat on the bottom of the box. Place shades in box; larger one first. Read the instructions below and pack your lamps like a pro.

Packing Lamps
  1. Find a box that will fit the lamp base. Cushion bottom with bubble wrap
  2. Wrap the cord around the lamp and tuck the end into the cord. Place in lamps standing up. Using tape may cause the exterior of the lamp to be ruined. 
  3. Wrap the base in bubble wrap and tape around.

Packing Lamp Shades:

  1. Place slightly crumbled paper on bottom and on sides. Place lamp shade upside down.
  2. Wrap lamp fixtures and bulbs and place in middle.
  3. Fill with crumbled wrapping paper and close box,
  4. Mark "fragile", "Room xyz"
You can place other lamp bases in the same box. Stuff all spaces with packing paper. Place the lamp shades in a separate box. Put smaller lamp shades inside the larger one. Use packing paper in between each shade. 

Place packing paper over the shades and tuck around lamp shades. Warning: Using newspaper will cause smudging on fabric shades. After packing your lamp shades label and mark as fragile.

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