Sunday, February 10, 2013

Packing Dishes- How To Pack Dishes When Moving

When packing for a move you don't have to haphazardly pack your dishes. After this tutorial you will be able to safely pack your own dishes.

Packing dishes so they can make to their destination without cracks or chips is very easy. You might think that you have been packing your dishes correctly flat but they are much sturdier on their sides. Yes you read correctly. On their sides.

You will be using tissue paper, packing paper or news paper. You will get a healthy supplie of paper and fold 3 or 4 papers between each dish. Use more if your using thin tissue paper.

5 Easy Steps To Packing Dishes

  1. Use crumbled paper as a cushion on the bottom of the box and on the sides of the dishes. 
  2. Layer each dish with wrapping paper.
  3. Place larger plates then medium plates, then bowls into box.
  4. For larger boxes put a layer of crumbled packing paper between rows of dishes. 
  5. Place a layer on top of dishes before closing. Be sure that there is no space in box for movement.

Now that you know how to safely pack dishes you no longer have to worry about cracks or chips.Label your box "fragile" and Mark with "Room xyz" for easy placement on move in day. 

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