Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving Doesn't Have To Be Scary! 10 Packing Tips When Moving

Packing For a Move doesn't have to be a fright show. It may be exciting to make a new move but preparing for the move can be confusing. Knowing what steps to take can make the experience more enjoyable.

 If you have ever moved before you know how chaotic and exhausting packing and transporting your belonging can be. But no worries "Just In Time Moving" has put together some simple steps to make this process easier.

10 Packing Tips When Moving

As you go down this list you will most likely see how much smooth and stress free you can make your moving project. I also suggest you number and label each book and record them in your notebook.

1. Collect boxes of all sizes months in advance.
2. Gather all essential packing supplies.
  • Note book/file- Logging moving/box information.
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • heavy duty Ziploc bags-Small items.
  • box cutter
  • markers/labels  (Open First, Open Last, Rooms, Fragile, etc)
  • bubble wrap- Cushion
  • newspaper- For wrapping and filling space.
  • blankets- For wrapping and cushion.
  • paper for fragile items

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How To Pack Your Lamps Like a Pro

Packing lamps are pretty easy and fast with the right size box and wrapping paper. Just place some wrapping paper flat on the bottom of the box. Place shades in box; larger one first. Read the instructions below and pack your lamps like a pro.

Packing Lamps
  1. Find a box that will fit the lamp base. Cushion bottom with bubble wrap
  2. Wrap the cord around the lamp and tuck the end into the cord. Place in lamps standing up. Using tape may cause the exterior of the lamp to be ruined.